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CADENCE Classification Tour 2005 edition. Official Newsletter of the Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia & New Zealand Ltd. The Cover photograph is ‘Rocket’ being classified by Herr Norbert Boley and Mr David Quick. ‘ Rocket’ is by Littorio out of Bellamina xx and is owned by C.

Friedlander of New Zealand. Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia and New Zealand Ltd. ABN: 70 006 364 601 Administration/Office: 315 Reen Rd, Gidgegannup.

WA. 6083 Phone: 61 (0) 8 9574 6056 Fax: 61 [0] 8 9578 3556 e-mail: holsteiner@bigpond.com President: Joan Wallace Vice President: Norm Raphael Registrar: Jacqui Moon Treasurer: Kerry Hewlett Committee: Elspeth Creach, David Quick, Rhonda Parkes, Jill Newman. New Zealand Contact Secretary: Jill Newman 3349 4659 Treasurer: Rose Prendeville — ® From The Editor ® Members of the HHAANZ Welcome to Cadence.

Congratulations to everyone that had horses successfully classified on the Trans Tasman Classification Tour.

What a whirlwind tour it was.

In this issue we cover all the results from the classification. Our next issue of Cadence will be our Stallion issue to make sure you get your Stallion Profile and breeding permit returned for inclusion.

It promises to be a bumper issue, so don’t let your stallion miss out on some exceptional advertising to boost his profile this breeding season. We also bring you the horse and rider profile of Kahlia Gliddon and Barrabadeen Jasmine.

We hope that Kahlia will keep us updated with the successes that she will no doubt have. Speaking of successes if you or someone you know enjoys their Holsteiner don’t hesitate to let us know here at Cadence. Happy Breeding, Happy Riding= Holsteiners Donelle Robinson.

Email: dro86218@bigpond.net.au TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter from the Editor 2 From the Feds: Breeding Permits 4 Trans Tasman Tour Results – Aust 6 Trans Tasman Tour – How it began 9 Cadence Classifieds 9 The Tour: An Australian Expereince – Lance Ludgate 10 Tour Co-ordinator Tells – Rhonda Parkes 11 Holsteiner Headlines 13 Trans Tasman Tour Results – NZ 14 Classifier Praises NZ – David Quick 17 Western Australian Tour Report 18 Holsteiner Horse Profile: Barrabadeen Jasmine 20 Results Explained 21 Become a HHAANZ Member Easy join now phone the office today: (08) 9574 6056 There are many benefits of membership.

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You will also be supporting the HHAANZ. Membership Single $75 Double/Family $105 Junior $40 (Over 12yrs under 18yrs) Registration First 10 registered $60 — Classification Mares $80 Foundation mares $40 Geldings $50 Colts/Stallions $500 ® ® Holsteiner Horse Association of Australian & New Zealand Ltd. Membership Application form Single $75 Double/Family $105 Junior $40 Name___________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ State:______________________________Postcode:_______________________________ Membership type:____________________________________________ Phone: (HM)_________________________(WK)_________________________ (Mob)_______________________________________________________ Payment enclosed: _______ Amount: $______________________ e-mail________________________________________________________ Mail to: Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia & New Zealand 315 Reen Rd, Gidgegannup.

WA 6083 Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia & NewZealand, 30 Boon’s Valley Road, Picton.

New Zealand. FROM THE FEDS. Stallion Breeding Permits 2005/2006 Its that time of the year again.

Stallion Breeding Permits are due again.

A current Breeding Permit is required for all stallions to maintain licensing of the stallion and allow registration of foals. $100 for a full year from May to May.

So get your paperwork and $25 in fast for inclusion in the Stallion List for 2005/2006.

If you have not received you Breeding Permit Renewal please contact the office. EFTPOS Facilities now available The HHAANZ now has EFTPOS facilities.  This means that members can now pay by credit card.  The card number and expiry date should be forwarded to the Registrar’s office, or to the NZ Treasurer, and the transaction can be completed.

We are in the process of updating all forms, with the information. New Fax Number for Registrars Office Please note that the Registrar’s Office has a new fax number  61 [0] 8 9578 3556. New Email Address for Registrars Office Please note that the Registrar’s Office has a new Email Address Holsteiner@bigpond.com. Expressions of Interest for Classifier Training There has been a good deal of interest from the members in undertaking Classifier Training.

The Exec committee of the HHAANZ would like to hear from anyone else who would like to undertake this valuable training.

Beginners start with a one day workshop to get background knowledge and a feeling for aptitude.  Training is commenced with foal sightings and Foundation mare approvals, and moves through various levels, to Stallion classifier as the final stage.  David Quick will be visiting New Zealand in August, and will be conducting a Classifier Training School.  He will conduct the same course later in the year in Australia.

Please phone the office or email your details to holsteiner@bigpond.com FROM THE FEDS. Cadence Stallion Issue All stallions are automatically listed for free, in the Approved Stallion list, but if you wish to expand the listing and include more information, please return the Stallion Profile, photo and payment of $50. Stallion Profile Name: __________________________________ D.O.B / Age: __________________________________ Height: __________________________________ Pedigree: SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT Competition Results: __________________________________ 25 words or less about the horse: __________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Trans Tasman Classification Tour 2005 AUSTRALIAN RESULTS — Joshua Brook Isabella Northern Kiel / True Colours xx 8 7.5 L.

Silvester Joshua Brook Penlake Northern Kiel/ JB Milan-Stirling Lukas 8 7.5 L.

Silvester FOUNDATION MARES Sire/Dam Score out of 70 Owner Brookdale Park Nova Russian Ksar/Multinova 47.5 M.

Horsfall Adloo Rosewood Dancer Wonder Dancer/ Zoya 42.5 P.

Jenkyn Adloo Grace Ace/ Our Gwen 48.5 P.

Jenkyn Shona Twinkle/ Wapiti Breeze 46.5 J.

Walk Inversion Magic Embrace/ Bern Miss 48.5 L.

Silvester Parisienne Style Lunchtime / Goodwood Park 52.5 L.

Silvester HOLSTEINER DERIVATIVE/FOUNDATION MARES JB Anika Stirling Lucas/ Coronation Rose 49 M.

Horsfall Walker’s Lilly Alka Luke / Arabella 52.5 S & M Gostelow Walker’s Lucy Alka Luke / Monoletta 47 S & M Gostelow SP Tinkabelle Kool Khan / Lauren Time Lady 52.5 S & M Gostellow WARMBLOOD MARES Valery Valuta / Shannan Queen xx 46.5 L.

Silvester Mona Lisa Monokol / Shona xx 43 J.

Walk TRANS TASMAN CLASSIFICATION TOUR 2005 AUSTRALIAN RESULTS HOLSTEINER / WARMBLOOD MARES: Sire/Dam Score out of 70 Owner Marena Saleste Salute / Kinvagal/Wesuw-Trak 51.5 D.

Pomeroy HP Monsoon Monrand / Haliwin 45.5 J.

Walk Belcam Altina Belcam Alto / Fourwinds Fama/Falkland 49 J.

Walk JB Spellbound Stirling Lukas / True Colours 50.5 L.

Silvester JB Valuka Stirling Lukas / Valery 49 L.

Silvester JB Shady Stirling Lucas / Shadow Time 49 L.

Silvester JB Pumkin Stirling Lucas / Bold Spark 47.5 L.

Silvester JB Shiraz Stirling Lucas / Shadow Time 48 L.

Chapple JB Magic Stirling Lucas / Westerrn Myth 47.5 L.

Silvester JB Lace Stirling Lucas / True Colours 49.5 L.

Silvester JB Little Dot Stirling Lucas / Stylish Gem 49.5 L.

Silvester JB Mulan Stirling Lucas / Startique 50.5 L.

Silvester Ashleigh Drossel Dolly Droselklang / Ashleigh Pam/ Brigadier 49.5 C.

Gronn HOLSTEINER GELDINGS Barrabadeen Taloumba Talisman / BBD Windrush/Wildfeuer 52 H.

Furney Barrabadeen Apollo Isle of Aspen / BBD Fairness/Wildfeuer 49 C.

Moore Isle of Dante Grande Isle / Isle of Dior/ Grand Flaneur 51 &51.5 Jumping J Robinson HOLSTEINER MARES Ballawindsor.

HSB Isle of Aspen / Ballawembley xx 48 L.

Brown Ballawembley.

HSB Grand Isle / Barwidge Lass xx 48 & 53 Jumping. L.Brown Kendalee Katwalk.

HSB Kendalee Idol Rock/ Calcarra Isabella/BBD Fortune 47.5 & 58.8 Jumping L.

Snell Isle Of Loxton.

FSB Grand Isle / Isle of Landau/SV Romboli 45 C.

Davie Isle of Mississipi.

FSB Snowview Romboli / Isle of Norfolk xx 44 & 45 Jumping C.

Davie Isle of Norwich.

HSB Grand Flaneur/ Isle of Norfolk xx 46.5 D & L Quick Isle of Regatta.

HSB Grand Isle / BBD Lady Paula/ Wildfeuer 49.5 D & L Quick Isle of Delta./ HSB Grand Isle / Huberta Frog xx 47.5 D & L Quick Isle of Quest.

HSB Snowview Romboli / Arcanell Tarista/Talisman 47.5 D & L Quick Isle of Lytany.

HSB Grand Isle / Isle of Lynroc 46.5 D & L Quick Isle of Memphis.

HSB Nahpro xx/ Isle of Delmar 48 D & L Quick Snowview Tango.

PSB SV Torman / SV Rose/Romedio 52.5 N.

Raphael Snowview Jacaranda.

HSB SV Jamieson / SV Flower/Flaneur 49.5 N.

Raphael Snowview Tingara HSB SV Torman/ SV Rose/Romedio 50.5 N.

Raphael Snowview Tea Time HSB SV Torman/ 49 N.

Raphael — Foal Champions: Colt Foal – Unnamed – Isle of Aspen/ Isle of Lindhurst/ Grand Flanuer D & L Quick – Vic Filly Foal – Unnamed – Isle of Aspen/ Isle of Quest/ SV Romboli D & L Quick – Vic INCLUDEPICTURE “http://www.noblewood.com.au/images/clipart/cougar.gif” \* MERGEFORMATINET Walkers Landmark Noblewood Park Cougar Cadence Classifieds IMMENHOF Holsteiner Warmblood Stud For Sale. Colt by Levantos I (Hol) (Liostro/Cantus) out of Lander x Monopol mare. Bay Colt by Levantos I (Hol) (Liostro/Cantus) out of Lander x TB mare Black Colt by OO Seve (KWPN) (Rubinstein/?Doruto) out of Agentinus/Duellshuetz mare Black Stallion by Lubeck (Hol) (Loutano/Carneval) out of Rocadero x Markgraaf (Imp) Telephone Philippa on 07 54627177 QLD For Sale :                                          K F RENITA                                        Warmblood Filly                                        Born 14.11.2003                               Expected Height: 17hh to 17.1hh                              Lovely Temperment, Trained Led                              And Handled.  A Great Future                              Ahead For This Talented Filly.                                          Sire: SSS Roland                              (Corlandus, Rousseau, Romedio                              (Imp Holsteiner), Rigoletto, Ramzis                               Line).                                     Dam: Brackenhurst Yente                                  (Faulkland & Monoco Line).   All Enquiries Phone: 02 47 35 6447 or 0400 360836 Trans Tasman Tour becomes Reality In March, 2005, approximately 1 year after the visit of Jacqui Moon, Norm Raphael, and Lance and Shelley Ludgate to New Zealand, the Committee of the newly established Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia and New Zealand Ltd., launched the inaugural Trans Tasman Classification Tour.

From that initial contact, our growing Executive, including Jill Newman and Gill Gray for New Zealand, and Rhonda Parkes for Queensland and New South Wales, planned, researched, publisized, costed, booked, scheduled and finally made financial arrangements and invitations. The Committee were very fortunate indeed when the director of Stallions and Sales from the Holsteiner Veband, Herr Norbert Boley agreed to attend this Inaugural classification tour, in conjunction with our own well known classifiers, David Quick (in New Zealand), and Lance Ludgate (in Australia). As it was the first Classification for many new members of the Committee, and certainly the first the Association had ever attempted to plan on such a scale, we had a great deal to find out, and many considerations to bring together.

However, on confirmation that not only Herr Norbert, but also Frau Karola Boley [herself an excellent judge of good Holsteiners] would be our guests, sufficient planning was place.

A great many people came to the fore and offered help and assistance, accommodation, and time. Special thanks must be given to everyone who helped out and made their homes and their properties available for our Classification Team.

In particular, the Committee wishes to thank Jill Newman, Gill Gray, and Jody Hartstone and families in New Zealand, for their invaluable parts in getting the Tour off to a good start.

They set a great standard, and coped magnificently with all manner of contingencies.

Their own words will tell the story. Special thanks to Mrs Shelley Ludgate for travelling with the team in Australia and providing invaluable administration help as well as being a friend.

Further thanks are due to some members who for one reason or another were not able to be part of the Tour on this time round, and whose understanding is greatly appreciated. There are by all accounts a large number of interesting stories to be told, and we all acknowledge that an enormous amount has been learnt for “next time’.

As ever, we are open to suggestions and input from all members.

This has been a good start, with sufficient infrastructure in place, and sufficient experience gained for greatly improved Classification Tours in the future. Classified Advertising Free to Members The Tour: An Australian Experience Lance Ludgate, the classifier from the Australian leg of the tour has been kind enough to give us his version of events from Queensland to Victoria, the longest leg of the Tour . Queensland.

Brisbane Airport.

Lance and Shelley wait holding up a sign with the name “Norbert’, on it, as this is their first meeting.

Norbert Boley meantime, has been having problems with the Customs over the importation of the Holsteiner Branding iron. The branding iron has been brought from New Zealand.

Finally, Norbert is able to reassure the Customs and Immigration Agent that this is for horses, and not an instrument of terrorism.

It is the presence of a man holding a branding iron which alerts Lance to the fact that this must be Herr Boley. Rhonda Parkes also arrives, having driven 200 kms from her home, to meet and greet the Boley’s and the Ludgates and take them to their accommodation for that night.

Cultural and language differences are evident, but all is resolved with good grace because of the greater common interest, Holsteiner Horses. On the first day in Queensland, owners, horses and Classifiers assembled at the prebooked Caboolture Arena, only to discover that it was being dug up.

Nothing wrong with the booking,.

Just the bulldozers had arrived early.

Thanks to some quick thinking by Queenslander Danielle Campbell and others, another arena was found in no time at all.

Everyone decamped there and the Classification proceeded well, in spite of this unpromising start.

Danielle’s stallion HP Lothar [Lander]was classified, among others. Herr Boley found that the grade of horses was quite acceptable, and some good looking animals were presented. New South Wales.

The Team then flew to Sydney, and were accommodated at the home of John and Anne Crowe and Martin and Sophia Gostelow, Somersby Equestrian Park.

John Crowe’s outstanding hospitality and knowledge of the Holsteiner was much appreciated by all.

A stallion, Walkers Landmark,[Alka Luke, Lander] and several mares and foals were seen. Following the Gostelow’s, the team drove to Janet Walk’s stud in the Hunter Valley, with accommodation in a lovely old Inn nearby.

Janet had mares, and foals to be seen. A brief return to Sydney for a night, to enjoy the hospitality of Lance and Shelley’s family, who have a penthouse on top of the Four Seasons in George street.

This provides a fabulous view of Sydney Harbour, essential for the new visitor to Australia.

The next day it was an early start to beat the traffic, out through the beautiful Blue Mountains. Further down in Orange, Melanie Bloom’s very well presented mare Twinkletoes was visited.

Twinkletoes won the Champion mare. Victoria.

There were two venues, Norm Raphael’s Snowview, and David Quick’s Isle of Wight studs.

Other Holsteiner owners came to these venues also. At Snowview, Herr Boley and the Founder of the HHAANZ, Mr Norm Raphael, met for the first time.

They spent a good deal of time sharing Holsteiner information and discussing the future of the breed here in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and in other parts of the world.

The scene is very different in Germany, as distances are less.

There are many more mares in Germany than we have in either Australia or New Zealand.

There are also a great many small owners, and equine events are a weekly part of many small villages. Herr Boley found that Snowview had excellent quality mares, with two mares going to Premium.

The young Riverman Stallion, Snowview Mount Royal was also classified and scored well.

The progeny of Norm Raphael’s other Riverman stallion, SV Revelation, were also assessed. At Isle of Wight, stud of David and Leonie Quick, the Stallion Isle of Aspen [Rocadero]was classified and scored well in the free-jumping.

His progeny were also viewed and assessed.

They were quite impressive and moved all of a type.

A number of mares and other foals from the Isle of Wight stallions, Grand Isle and Magnetic Isle were also seen. Isle of Dante, now owned by John Robinson, was sighted and Herr Boley commented that he was a very nice type, and jumped well.

New member Lynette Brown’s Grand Isle mare Ballawembley , and Isle of Aspen mare Ballawindsor were also assessed. Lance & Shelley Ludgate contributed very generously to the success of this part of the Tour, in many ways.

They have many recommendations for the Future, based on their own knowledge and observation, and on communication with Norbert and Karola Boley.

Their suggestions will be presented to the next Executive meeting of the HHAANZ, for consideration. Tour Co-ordinator Tells Rhonda Parkes was the tour co-ordinator for Queensland and New South Wales.

She tells us her side of the story including what shall become known as “The Caboolture Incident”.

It just goes to show that if you are ever in trouble you should ask a policewoman.

She can fix anything….Just like your mother always told you. The response from Qld was a little disappointing.

There were a number of members who were interested, but unable to make it because of other commitments.  Friday, March 19th.  I had booked the indoor dressage arena at the Caboolture Showground four weeks prior and contacted by phone on Monday 15th, just to make sure all was right to go.   I arrived at the Showground with Herr & Mrs Boley and Mr & Mrs Ludgate – the Classifiers.   I am met by the ground caretaker who informs me that we cannot use the arena as it is being dug up !!!!    Today was the only day she could get the tradesmen.   No apology, no assistance, nothing.   We have horses, owners and classifiers and no arena.   (It could only happen to me.) A quick phone call to Nambour Showground and we all pack up and are on the way north of Brisbane, about 40km from Caboolture.    Whilst we were travelling, the staff had raked and watered the arena and all was ready when we arrived.  The Nambour arena is an excellent venue – the arena itself was large and safe, plenty of stabling areas and a very pleasant location all round.  Will keep this location in mind for next time. We have two horses being presented,  Jann Pratt of Cooroy has a mare, and Danielle Campbell of Tambourine Village, a stallion.   Both are very well presented and are put through their paces by Norbert and Lance.   Both successfully pass the mark and are soon wearing the the impressive Holsteiner brand.   From 60km north of Brisbane we head to the South side of Brisbane to Logan Village to classify a number of mares and a foal for new members Peter and Di Jenkyn (Australian Dressage Team member).   The mares and foals are classified and branded.  We gratefully accept some hospitality from Peter who is soon in deep conversation with Norbert about thoroughbred stallions.

That is a wrap for Brisbane.  The Boley’s and Ludgate’s fly to Sydney the next day and begin the next leg of the tour.  I was unable to travel with them due to my own commitments.   After arriving in Sydney, there was the drive to Gosford on the Central Coast, about 50km north of Sydney.   Somersby Falls Equestrian Park is the first port of call.   This is the exceptional property of Sophia & Martin Gostelow, who have a young stallion, four mares and two foals to present.    After all the work is done, I believe the classification party was provided with wonderful accommodation for the evening and night.  (Yes, we have heard about it.)    From Gosford, there is quite a drive to Rylstone which is out near Mudgee (wine country).   Janet Walk’s Cudgegong Warmbloods is the next stop.  Janet has ten mares to be classified – a busy day.   Accommodation is in a local Inn, and I bet there was some sampling of the local product.   Leaving the Mudgee area, its off to Orange.(not too far as the crow flies)    Melanie Bloom has a mare to present, and Leanne Smith of Stuart Town has her stallion.   Both are successful and bear the Holsteiner brand.     That’s it for NSW.        I would like to thank and congratulate everyone who took part in the Tour.   I know there were a number of people who were very interested in participating, but, were unable to do so because of other commitments or time restraints.  I am sorry we could not accommodate everyone (even I missed out!!), but there will be further tours and we will do our best to suit as many members as possible. Rhonda Parkes Cadence : Advertise This is your opportunity to advertise in Cadence, simply provide your advertisement by email.

Advertisements need to be developed prior to being submitted.

Email your advertisement to: holsteiner@bigpond.com Listed below are the advertising rates, payment to be made by cheque to: HHAANZ, 315 Reen Rd, Gidgegannup.

WA. 6083 Cadence Advertising Rates Back cover full page colour $150 Half page colour $75 Full page black and white $75 Half page black and white $50 Deadlines for advertising in Cadence are as follows: Stallion Edition: August 30 Website Advertising Rates Quarterly Advertising, Stud $50 Quarterly Advertising, Private $30 Holsteiner Boutique orders Purchase from our Holsteiner Boutique and support the HHAA.

Simply fill out the order form below with your details, enclose a cheque and post to the HHAA office: Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia Ltd. 315 Reen Rd, Gidgegannup. WA 6083 Holsteiner Horse Books $38 The Stallion Book of the Holsteiner Warmblood Breed, by Dr Rossow, $38, plus $3 postage. The Holsteiner Horse, by Thun-Hohensteing & Tietz, $38, plus $3 postage. Holsteiner Polo shirt $25 New design polo shirts are now available, incorporating a jumping horse in the map of Australia.

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Holsteiner Polo shirts $25 plus $3 postage. Holsteiner saddlecloth badges $5 Saddle cloth badges, with the Holsteiner shield, $5 each, no postage required. Item Qty Size Price Postage Total $ Name:______________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________ City/State:____________________________Postcode______________ Holsteiner Headlines Condios Qualifies for 2005 European Championship & 2006 WEG

Morningside Stud’s Holsteiner stallion Condios, ridden for Ireland by Dermott Lennon, placed 11th and won euro 1,500 in the CSI4* Madrid Grand Prix.

Condios jumped clear in the first round and had one fence down in the jump-off.

This result qualifiesCondios for the 2005 European Championship and the 2006 World Equestrian Games. 

Earlier in May Condios jumped double-clear and placed 6th in the Eindhoven Grand Prix, winning euro 2,250. Australian Showjumping Championships 2004

4th Place Noblewood Park Calotti 
& Linda Dobson 
 Noblewood Park Calotti Condios TRANS TASMAN CLASSIFICATION TOUR 2005 NEW ZEALAND RESULTS FOAL & YEARLING APPROVALS: Rocket Littorio Bellamina xx 7 7 C.

Friedlander Hugo Littorio Driving Raine xx 7.5 7 C.

Friedlander Little Louie Littorio Covington xx 7 6.5 C.

Friedlander Lexas Littorio Womyn xx 8 8 G.

Gray Quarry Hill Laurence Landioso Lori xx 7.5 7 B.

Duevendans Eighteen Carat Littorio Solitare xx 7 7 D.

Carter Landira Landioso Luvana xx 7.5 7.5 D.

Kendall Line 7 Landioso 7 7 Unnamed Corlando Kaluestraum 6.5 7 J.

Grant — Lori 47.5 B.

Duevendans Belmont Balerina 48 J.

Hartstone Leilani 44.5 J.

Hartstone Vivacious 49 G.

Smith Jessie 50 G.

Smith Elusive One 48.5 J.

Newman Te Paka Galeano Genius/ Raenga – Han 49.5 P.

Ffoulkes Airloom II Anamour 46 N.

Sperling Grenadine Grun horn de Trichon Kharma xx 47 N.

Sperling HOLSTEINER / WARMBLOOD Mazuran Urban / Romedio 46.5 P.

Ffoulkes STALLIONS Landioso Landgraf / Calvados 2/ Farnese J.

Hartstone Sighted and progeny tested.

Approved as an Appendix stallion.

Was not required to complete a classification as he was previously performance tested in Baden-Wutenburg, Germany and has reached Grand Prix in Dressage. Ramirez Ramiro Z / Roberto S.

Fowler AWARDS: Norbert Boley and David Quick chose the following to receive awards: Best Presented : Grenadine & N.

Sperling Champion Yearling: Lexas – Littorio/Womyn owned by Gill Gray. 8&8 Champions Foal: Wentworth Clio – Immenhoff Castello/ Sparkling Wine xx owned by Jill Newman Champion Foundation Mare: Ambrosia –Trustful/Honorah 54.5 S.

Iremonger Kintagious Little Louie Classifier Praises New Zealand David Quick was co-classifier on the New Zealand leg of the Trans Tasman Classification Tour.

He is quick to praise the quality of horses and the quality of people that New Zealand has to offer.

Well Done NZ. After leaving Melbourne it was good to have a rest on the plane to New Zealand.

I arrived at Christchurch and was met by Bruce Newman who introduced me to Herr Norbert Boley and his wife Frau Karola from the Holsteiner Verband.

Bruce drove us to “Linston” a lovely Bed & Breakfast in the countryside where we left the Boleys to have a well earned rest after their long flight from Germany. Bruce then drove me to his lovely property “Wentworth”, where I met his wife Jill who was busy getting horses ready for the classification.

After a rest and a cuppa Gill Grey arrived from Canterbury, it was great to finally meet the two Jills/Gills at last after talking to them many times over the phone regarding the tour.

The Boleys arrived and we had a quick look around the stud before returning to Linston for dinner and an official get to know you. The next day we all headed off to Golden Grove Stud to meet Paul Ffoulkes and partner Viv along with other breeders who had floated their mares and foals over.

Proceedings were delayed for quite some time due to rain, which gave us time to meet everyone over coffee.

When the rain abated we were able to see very nice foals of the German Stallion Caretino (Frozen semen) as well as those by the Imported Stallion Littorio.

These foals were from Holsteiner Warmblood and Thoroughbred mares with the overall standard high.

Interesting to note how the Stallions have been able to infuse Holsteiner type and movement into the foals and in most cases with only one cross.

We had a viewing of Littorio(Imp)and Lansing (Imp) both very nice types. Mares owned and presented by Jane Grant with foals by Carpaccio (Frozen semen) and Darren Elstob also had nice stock by Littorio.

A special moment was when the first foals were branded with the new New Zealand brand all agreed including the Boleys that it looked quite stunning.

An Historic occasion. We then travelled to Nicky Ford’s to assess her foal by Littorio and although just a few weeks old it scored well.

Moving on to Gill Greys’ to see a yearling by Littorio (the worst age to assess as their growth is usually all over the place no to mention their balance) but this filly scored highly.

Littorio should form a good base for competition and stud in the future.

Next a long drive to a great restaurant with excellent food we again caught up with those that supported the day.

Then a long trip back to return near midnight. Day two at Bruce and Jill Newmans’ stud “Wentworth”, again good horses were presented with a lovely foal by Immenhof Castello scoring highly with good comments by Herr Boley.

Another very tall yearling of quality by Littorio owned by Dianne Cortes scored well.

All horses present were of a good standard and well presented.

Next stop “Astek Stud” owned by Sue Fowler where we sighted the elegant Stallion Ramirez with a pedigree to match he will no doubt assist the Holsteiner breed.

We also assessed two foals by the imported Stallion Landioso on the way to the Airport to catch a flight to Hamilton, North Island. Wentworth Clio Day Three in the North Island, we were collected at the motel by Jodi Hartstone and from there we began our long days travel and tour.

First stop was a stud with a magnificent view out over the ocean, the home of Mountain Sport Horses, Taunanga owned by Wendy Keddell.

We had a brief tour of their horses including the Imported Warmblood Stallions Picco Bello and Senator.

Both are lovely types and their stock will be included in the 2006 Tour. Still in Tauranga we called at Serena Grives to classify her mares and foals, one by Landioso and one by Cor Noir then to Lisa Hope who presented her horses very well.

With a late lunch on the run back to Hamilton we arrived at Linda Brown’s to do her mares and a foal by Landioso with again good type.

Then onto Glenys Smith ‘s lovely property where three mares were presented, one Warmblood scoring very well. Classifier Praises New Zealand We then returned to Jodis’ stud Karioi Sport Horses.

We assessed a lot of mares, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, as well as foals by Landioso.

All horses were presented well in Jody’s arena.

A foal were presented by Briar Duevendans was a lovely type and D Kendalls foal showed type and movement.

Landioso is doing a great job. We then viewed the Grand Prix Stallion Landioso himself just on dark.

He performed free in the arena having fun.

The Boleys took photos of him in the stables.

By the time we finished branding the foals it was time to think of food so we went to a cosy restaurant by the water at Raglan. Day Four and a frosty morning start.

We arrived at Claire Friedlanders property at Raglan.

Here we saw more yearlings by Littorio, all of good type.

We also saw the mothers who were of good thoroughbred type and scored highly and were beautifully presented.

More branding then Clair took us to our last stop before the Airport.

At P Leslies lovely treed property we classified her Anglo mare with a nice foal at foot by Landioso. We then flew out of New Zealand for Australia.

Frau and Herr Boley flew to Brisbane to meet up with Queensland’s Rhonda Parkes.

Lance and Shelley Ludgate who had flown in from Perth Western Australia to begin the Australian leg of the Tour.

I flew home to Victoria to help prepare our 21 horses for classification. I would like to thank all those New Zealand members old and new for their efforts in presenting their horses at quite short notice.

A special thank you to Jill Newman and Gill Gray; for their invaluable assistance with the organization of the Tour.

In addition both these ladies have excellent people skills as well as PR abilities and I know that Herr and Frau Boley were very impressed and appreciative of the assistance given. Thank you to Jodi Harstone for her time and help taking us around the North Island.

I know that Jodi had an enormous week prior to the tour and only arrived home from the South Island the day before, after a week competing.

When organising a Tour it can really take the time and focus away from presenting your own stud, so again a big thank you. To those names and places I left out of this report “SORRY!!!” It was all a bit of a blur at times.

I believe New Zealand’s enthusiasm and focus is now high with some lovely horses to come through the ranks in the coming years.

A strong association depends on unity and commitment.

I believe New Zealand and Australia can produce horses of an International standard on a consistent basis. The HHAANZ Breeders now have for the first time ever excellent relations with the Holsteiner Verband of Germany.

Never before have we been so well placed and an Annual Classification and foal assessment tour can only strengthen our great association. Photograph Above: Left to Right ;Deanne Carter (member), David Quick (classifier), Stephanie Iremonger (member) and Norbert Boley (classifier) Photograph Left: Left to right; Paul Ffaulkes (member), Herr Norbert Boley (German Classifier), Jill Newman (NZ tour organiser), David Quick (Australian classifier), Gill Gray (NZ treasurer), Frau Kayola Boley The Last Stop : Beautiful Western Australia Western Australia put on a great showing for our international visitors, the icing on the cake of a successful tour Being the last stop on the Boley’s tour we were very mindful of all the travel our guests had endured over the past 14 days and the much warmer weather conditions that they were going to encounter here.

So, after flying into Perth on the Friday afternoon they were chauffeured to the picturesque guesthouse at Noblewood Park,Gidgegannup, about 45 min from Perth where a light dinner and an early night were on order. The program for Saturday included joining with a Dressage Training Group, Horseland and the AWHA to put on a full days entertainment at the WA State Equestrian Centre.

For those of you who haven’t been to WA to see the center, we are very lucky to have inherited a 125 acre site with a fantastic indoor arena with seating for 1600, full bar facilities, EFA offices, 150 stables, dressage arenas and a newly constructed eventing course, full polo field, polo crosse field and a resident pony club.

Activities for our day there included Young Dressage Horse classes, an open dressage master class with Harry Boldt, a veterinary talk on pre-purchase examinations, a talk by Norbert Boley on the workings of the Verband, an on site Horseland super sale and of course our mare classification and the prestigious WA Studbook Mare of the Year. After this full program came the all important colt selection.

The day for Holsteiner members started on the outside dressage arena with the Young Dressage Horse classes and Norbert was our guest judge.

It was good to see a pleasing turnout for each age group and there was quite a crowd watching from the seating on the side.

Even though more used to judging Holsteiners over fences and a little uneasy with judging dressage to begin with the end results showed what a keen eye Norbert has for a horse as an athlete.

The 3 / 4 yo winner was Barrabadeen Taloumba (Talisman/Wildfeur) who is a ¾ brother to the 2002 Australian National Grand Prix Champion – Troubadour.

The 5 /6 year old winner was Ashleigh Drossel Dolly (Droselklang/Ashleigh Brigadier), which was bred in Victoria by Colin Gronn and in 2003 won the WA State 4yo Young Horse Champion.

Winner of the Open class was the very talented Wandeira Bay (Cornelius/Wildfeuer) who is already competing very successfully at Advanced level dressage. After lunch members were invited to attend a veterinary talk by Dr Anita Tascovac on pre-purchase examinations and then attended Norbert Boley’s very informative talk on the workings of the Holsteiner Verband and a run through of yearly events there.

An invitation was extended to our members to visit at any time. 3.00pm we began the mare classifications and also the judging of the WA Studbook Mare of the Year competition.

Thirteen mares were presented firstly as a group and then individually before the judges.

They were judged as per the classification guidelines: static, walk, trot and canter in hand and free. The winner was NP Just In Time (Jadalco/Wildfeuer/Calypso I) who is currently successfully competing at Medium/Advanced levels in dressage and is also on the WA EFA Dressage Talent squad.

Second was the Salute(Salut/Ronald/Wesuw) mare Marena Saleste very professionally turned out by Debbie Pomeroy and third was the three year old filly Barrabadeen Magic Moment owned and shown by Susan Lekich.

For a full list of results see the Tour results section in this magazine. Late afternoon after the AWHA mare classifications came the colt classification.

Two colts were scheduled to be presented but due to a last minute injury only one was presented.

The striking black colt NP Cougar was paraded before the judges and all onlookers.

He is by the stallion Collins (Caletto/Calando) out of an imported Corriander/Lord mare.

He is very elegant and forward for his three years of age and was very capably ridden for his ridden test by WA FEI rider Hayley Beresford.

His free jumping was as his pedigree would suggest and the judges had no hesitation in declaring that this was a premium colt and the most standout for the tour and would hold his own in Germany. After a long and successful day the Boley’s retired after a scrumptious seafood dinner whilst those us involved in organizing the day of course had to pack up and then hit the hay. Frau Karola and Herr Norbert Boley with a tame Kangaroo at Noblewood Park. The Last Stop – WA Next morning it was really warm – nudging on the 35 degree mark and the effect on our visitors was rather obvious.

The morning was taken up by inspections at Noblewood Park of their latest imported mares and a look at their youngstock and older imported mares.

A 15min drive followed to Barrabadeen Stud with a break in the air conditioning followed by a quick tour and inspection of the jumping stallion Warrigal(Wildfeuer/Cor de la Bryere) who was on spell at the time and then a look at the studs current crop of foals.

Whilst aware that our visitors had seen a range of land conditions on their travel, from the luscious green grass of New Zealand to the dry conditions of NSW, it was a little unfortunate that in WA we were coming out of one of the driest summers on record and we were patiently waiting for the first rains to green up our paddocks. Sunday night was a “Thank-You” dinner kindly put on by Robynne McTaggart of Noblewood Park where we enjoyed their beautiful garden setting and outstanding hospitality.

It was great to unwind with many speeches and stories told and it was a perfect wind up to our weekend.

HUGE thanks to Robynne and Tony for their hospitality. Monday we had planned as a tourist day for the Boley’s.

A tour through the Swan Valley, some wineries and a look through the city of Perth and the beautiful King’s Park.

First stop was the training stables of David and Linda Dobson to watch a couple of their young Holsteiners being schooled and from there our tourist plans went astray.

As true horse people if the Boley’s had the opportunity to see more horses they would rather do that than sightsee.

So, the rest of the day was spent looking at Thoroughbred studs down the south of Perth looking at potential colt candidates for the Verband. Early evening we were still determined that they should see some sights of Perth so we took them for a night tour of Perth and Kings Park and then had dinner in one of Perth’s most popular restaurants in the old Swan Brewery building right on the river.

Eleven pm and it was time to head for the airport for their 2.00am flight.

Warm goodbyes with lots of promises to stay in touch and then it was all over and my thoughts turned to a dread of all the paperwork that was about to hit me from the tour and relief that months of planning had come to an end with no great disasters through the tour. On the Boley’s themselves they were fantastic to deal with and I was most surprised about how open they were about horses and people at home and they had some fascinating stories to tell.

We hope they enjoyed their trip and now have a better insight into breeding in New Zealand and Australia and we hope we have cemented firm relations with the Verband for future tours.

This being our first tour a lot has been learned and a lot of improvements will be made for the next one.

Immense Thanks must also go to Lance and Shelley Ludgate for taking 10 days out of their busy lives to accompany the Boley’s on the Aussie leg of the tour and for acting as tour guides as well. Post Notes: Since the end of the tour there have been numerous emails from Norbert requesting information and statistics from the tour.

He is preparing a report for the Verband and has promised us a summarised version.

We eagerly await its arrival! We have also sent information and videos of possible TB prospects for them. Holsteiner Horse & Rider : Barrabadeen Jasmine and Kahlia Gliddon My name is Kahlia Gliddon and I am a Young Rider – I am 16 yrs old.

I began riding relatively late, when I was 11 years old.

I have been a member of Pony Club for 5 years and have competed in the Pony Club state championships for the past 3 years.

I began riding a small pony.

When we purchased my first bigger pony, I began Pony Club.

Then I moved onto my first big horse and I competed more on, but was still quiet enough for me to continue learning on. My last horse before being offered Barrabadeen Jasmine was Imagine If, a thoroughbred on which I began my official competition career.

I still competed as a Pony Club member and on Imagine If and was a member of the winning team at the state ODE.

Also, despite growing out of ponies, in 2002 I purchased Beelo-Bi Susie who I broke in, I competed and placed at the Perth Royal in 2004. I have also very successfully competed riding for other people in Show Horse.

After confirming that my thoroughbred was not best suited to Show Horse, I decided to continue further in official dressage.

I was selected as a member of the State Young Rider Squad last year on Imagine If and now continue on the squad with Barrabadeen Jasmine. I was offered Barrabadeen Jasmine (Jazz) in November 2004 to campaign in dressage, and I rode my first competition on her at the start of the Summer Series in January/February 2005.

In the first week we won the Preliminary test and at the fifth week finished 3rd overall in the Preliminary competition, making a strong entrance in the Novice class also.

At this time, with my previous horse injured and out of the Pony Club National Championships squad long list, I rested hopes and dreams of Jasmine filling the spot on the squad. As a 4 yr old starting in competition she still needed improvements on her Novice percentages in order to be in the running for the upcoming selections.

By March, Jasmine became a qualified Pony Club mount having achieved percentages in the high 60’s in Novice classes as well as qualifying at Pony Club rallies. Following this we had a well performed test at a championship competition at the Margaret River Wine Region Dressage Spectacular.

Of course, I was extremely impressed with her achievements so far, as this was so wonderful for such a young horse only just beginning to gain experience in the competition world.

Aside from selections on both the EFAWA Dressage Young Rider Squad and the Pony Club State Dressage Team, Jazz has been a dream come true for me by being such a wonderful companion who is so lovable to have around and truly a pleasure to look after.

With her exceptionally affectionate nature and a desire to follow any of the family around in her paddock, she always provides everyone with something to smile about. She is obviously still youthful in her manner and loves to play and frolic but is also settled and wise in her temperament.

Truly she has inherited so much through her breeding, both her temperament and trainability.

She is so easy to take out and about and already acts like a schoolmaster that has been there done it all.

She is kind not only to people but any horse that comes near her also.

This for sure makes looking after her at home and at a competition a lot easier! Barrabadeen Jasmine With the Dressage Young Horse classes not far off we are sure Jasmine will take this all in her stride.

She continues to do all within her ability and continues to put in 100% both in her training and competition. I am sure this is what will continue to provide our success and ensure that we are able to progress quickly.

Just recently, we were a demonstration team at Virginia Creed’s judges seminar and received wonderful comments from all about how correct Jasmine is and how well she is doing. We are currently in preparation for the Pony Club nationals starting 5th July and will be competing in the members (Novice) competition as well as the Pas de Deux.! I am sure this will be great fun for both me and Jasmine and will be an incredible experience. — Stallion is showcased in this Annual Cadence Special Edition For more information Contact Cadence Email: dro86218@bigpond.net.au Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia & New Zealand, Ltd. ABN 70 006 364 601 Notice Of Annual General Meeting The AGM of the Executive Committee of the Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia & New Zealand, Ltd [HHAANZ Ltd] will be held on September 20th, 2005 at Isle of Wight , 69 Robinson Street, Murchison, Victoria All members are invited to attend the AGM either in person or via Teleconference.

If you cannot attend you may register your interest by filling in the following nomination or proxy form.

If you wish to attend via Teleconference please contact the HHAANZ office on 08 9574 6056, or e-mail to HYPERLINK “mailto:hosteiner@ozemail.com.au” holsteiner@bigpond.com by 15th September so that a phone line can be booked for you. Nominations close on 13th September, 2005 according to the Articles Section 23A. Post nominations to The Secretary, Jacqui Moon, HHAANZ, Ltd., 315 Reen Road, Gidgegannup, WA. 6083. Nominations are to be in writing and approved by two members of the Company and the Nominee. The positions vacant are President, Vice President, Treasurer and Members of the Commitee Nominations for the Committee may be taken from the floor. Executive members of the NEW ZEALAND Subcommittee are automatic appointees to the Executive Committee, and are also eligible for Executive positions as below . NOMINATION FORM: I ____________________________________________________ Membership No _______________ and being a financial member of the HHHAANZ Ltd.

Wish to nominate ___________________________________________ for the position of ___________________________ Signed Nominator _____________________________________ Membership No _______________ Signed Seconder _______________________________________ Membership No ______________ Signed Nominee ________________________________________ Membership No ______________ PROXY VOTE I _____________________________________________________ Membership No ______________

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    Horses-Store.com - Holsteiner : Official Newsletter of the Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia New….